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Honor Smartphone
The Last Man on the Moon 2014 USA / 2016 UK, Documentary, Eugene Cernan

Film Review: The Last Man on the Moon

Because a person's real life is not as narrative-friendly as a movie, a documentary about that person is always a little bit more ...

The Club, Film Review, The Catholic Church, Chilean, subtitles, 2015

Film Review: The Club

I liked this movie because of its multi-layered approach to storytelling. Along with its engaging primary story there is a ...

Casanova Prosecco showcase

Casanova Prosecco showcase

                      PROSECCO lovers ...

Hotel Le Toiny, Restaurant Le Gaiac, St Barths

Review: Restaurant Le Gaiac, Hotel Toiny, St Barthélemy

I would always ask my friends to lay down and star gaze with me. They would be particularly perplexed when moments later they'd ...

Poland Holiday, Bajkowa Chata, Leszek Lassota

Cheese and Culture in Poland’s Tatra Mountains

In the highlands of Southern Poland, an indigenous people known as górale maintain a unique culture that has survived ...