Guide to Prime Central London Property

Prime central London property has always been the most desirable and sought after in the world.

Since its emergence as a mercantile centre over 300 years ago London has been amongst the most exclusive and desirable destinations for business and leisure travel and the same remains true today.


Private Belgravia garden


Period interiors with a contemporary twist


St James’ Park. London is the greenest capital city in Western Europe.


London property has a strong record for capital appreciation


Period architecture Victoria SW1


View down the Thames to Chelsea Bridge


The famous wildlife of The Royal Parks (Richmond)


Period townhouses are a key feature of London


The imposing Georgian pillars of row of London Townhouses in Belgravia


London’s Hyde Park


London’s period detailing has become integral to its image


Mayfair’s illustrious Grosvenor Square townhouses

EL Property_view_Canary_Wharf_to_Greenwich3_w

View over to the O2 arena at North Greenwich from Canary Wharf

London is a world hub of commercial and cultural activity and the closer you go to the business and shopping centre of the urban sprawl, the more exclusive and desirable the property choice becomes for prospective buyers.

From Knightsbridge to Chelsea, Mayfair to Belgravia, London is hip, fashionable, exclusive and reassuringly expensive. The best residential areas of London are great places to be and even better to own.

According to UK Land Registry statistics, prime central London property has outperformed all other comparable commercial investments over the past 20 years. And all that while presenting you with a great place to live and work.

Up until 50 years ago 95% of property in London was owned and controlled by a tiny minority of wealthy estates and individuals. Now property ownership in the capital is far more diverse and thanks to relaxed United Kingdom ownership laws, anyone can own property in London.

London offers the twin appeals of providing a wonderful place to live in one of the most sought after locations in the world while at the same time providing a solid gold commercial investment.

Remember though, as with anything worthwhile, making the purchase is a commitment. Negotiating the myriad options and the legal maze associated with property purchase can be a long and involved process and is not for the faint hearted.

For all that, working your way through an arcane system with a labyrinthine legal etiquette that has evolved over hundreds of years ultimately offers peace of mind that your property investment is secure.

For instance every apartment in London is leasehold and only some of them have a share in the freehold. Therefore it’s important to use a UK or London-based lawyer who will be bound by the law society to ensure that the title to your property is correctly registered at UK Land Registry.

Likewise, a dedicated buyer’s agent or property finder working exclusively on your behalf will act for you in negotiations with estate agents and cut a swathe through the lengthy process of searching, assessing, offering and negotiating on the final property purchase.

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