Summertime Gladness: The Radio Rooftop Bar at ME London

This summer, the word “rooftop” was bound to vibrato across every Londoner’s voice. “But have you been to the rooftop at Selfridges yet?” competing socialites would throw their newest venture at one another, ping ponging the latest, hippest skyline to view the city from.The-Radio-Rooftop-Bar3_wThe-Radio-Rooftop-Bar5_w The-Radio-Rooftop-Bar2_wThe-Radio-Rooftop-Bar4_wThe-Radio-Rooftop-Bar5_wThe-Radio-Rooftop-Bar1_w

Amongst the many rooftops I took upon myself the arduous task of sampling this.summer, one bar stood out in terms of bringing the glamour out of London. A destination of chic and cool, with a silvered outline of the landmarks ahead, enabling you to brace, whatever it may be; (though, you don’t need to hedge your vets once all 48 hours of Britain’s summertime have come, and gone).

The Radio Rooftop Bar at London’s ME hotel. Here are our highlights, if summarise.them, we must.

1. Don’t judge me if first on the list is “The Food.”

Tapas concepts are fast becoming A-list choice, especially when they have a big name involved. Obviously spearheading the list are the likes of Barrafina and Tendido Cero, and in recent fashion, fusion restaurants such as Chotto Matte spring to mind. But Radio at ME employs itself to maintain the simple yet requisite concept that is; bar food. Real bar good. Como tapas.

Order: The befamed Ham Croquettes, the Salt Cod Fritters, Watermelon Gazpacho, Platter of Cold Cuts and of course, the Churros.

Drink: The ME Loves You and Flower in the Rain cocktail (pictured) cocktails. Catena for Red Wine, The Andre Neveu for Rosé.

2. The View.

Of course, why come to a rooftop bar, if not to be atop the city. It was World Cup month when a friend and I sat smugly esteeming ourself for the best seats in the house. Whereas most “viewers” at the time would rule in favour of Tores’ backside, we were pleased enough with the London Skyline. Recent renovations have afforded a rounder view of the city below. If not 100 times over, I suggest you see it once, to see if you’ll fall in love.

3. The people-watching.

I am a selfish Londoner. When I find a spot to nestle in as my own, I am rarely, if ever, ready to relinquish it to the public. Though I am very well aware I don’t own the place, still, allow me to humour myself. When I discovered the rooftop on One New Change before it’s very first Burberry catwalk, followed swiftly by flocks of entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on the 20m sq of ‘angles on St Paul’s’, I would sit on the deserted stone slabs on the roof, inhaling my very own piece of heaven. I begrudgingly grimaced at any tourist to accidentally stumble across it when I was there and would knowingly let anyone in the lift going up know. “oh there’s nothing on the sixth floor, don’t bother pressing it.” I didn’t want anyone to discover it. Now, encumbered by what must be called the pretentiousness that Madison Bar oozes onto it – I seldom step back onto “my ex-rooftop.”

Radio at ME London holds something different.

Listening to unrivalled DJ sets, you feel charmed, and yourself charming, as you lay back under heated lamps either observing or contributing to the crowds antics. It is a romantic, eclectic and moody palette splayed into one open-air setting. You will always find an interesting character or there to mingle with, unless you wish to be left to your own devices. For that, I commend it. Step onto Radio before our faux-êté is past, partake of it’s viewing, indulge in it’s offering, and contend, if you must, with a more honest, unashamed rooftop.

Joanna Malek

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