MacWet, ‘all grip, no slip’ sports gloves


Play golf, shoot or is equestrian your thing? Or, all the aforementioned!? MacWet gloves claim to offer unsurpassable grip and comfort for wearers – in all weathers and environments.

We went to the trouble of doing all three and MacWet’s ‘all grip, no slip’ technology makes a significant difference. How many times have you peeled off your golfing glove to reveal wet and clammy palms? I wouldn’t quite call them a second skin but their ease of use and breathable fabric do make a compelling case for purchase. They’re also a bit hardier than standard sporting gloves and adapt to changes in temperature too. Clever.

MacWet sports gloves, come in a range of sizes

MacWet sports gloves, come in a range of sizes

They come in a range of sizes. Ascertain yours by simply measuring the palm of your hand.



Price: £27.99 -£29.99

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