Review: Evason Ma’In Hotel and Spa, Jordan

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It’s a strange sensation, floating in the middle of a large expanse of water, at the lowest point on earth. Azure waters lap against the shore, glisten as the sun’s rays break into a thousand speckles on their surface. The brilliant white of the salt glimmers along the edges, tingles against the skin, keeping me afloat.

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There’s no other place quite like the Dead Sea. Burrowed deep in the Middle East between Israel, Jordan and Palestine, it’s an ideal place to unwind, relax and recharge in the throes of nature. But rather than checking into one of the large resorts on its banks, drive a little further off the beaten track and be rewarded with true calm at the Evason Ma’In Hot Springs.

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The Spa and Hotel, run by the Six Senses group, is hidden in this wonderfully isolated location, integrated into the natural hot springs. Staffed by locals and designed to complement its surroundings, its authenticity is palpable upon arrival. Spacious rooms with stunning views across the valley and outdoor terraces are tastefully decorated, recalling the outside elements in their details and finishes and blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.


The day begins with an abundant buffet that brings local delicacies to the breakfast table, joining international favourites cooked fresh on demand. And with the hot springs and spa just a stone’s throw away from the bed, it’s literally a laid-back atmosphere at Evason Ma’In. Whilst language barriers created a little confusion with staff at times, we certainly enjoyed the famous Jordanian hospitality and departed with softer skin and fewer wrinkles. But not before one last dip in the Dead Sea.

Evason Ma’In Hot Springs

Zosia Swidlicka

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