Review: Hotel Townhouse 27, Belgrade


A city of contrasts, where east meets west, old meets new, urban meets rural. Leave your expectations at home and visit Belgrade.

One cold December evening, we checked into the Hotel Townhouse 27. A local secret on an unassuming street, it is filled with understated elegance and is run by the most gentle of staff. Crisp white sheets over an enormous bed, a sizeable shower and a balcony stretching the length of an entire wall greeted our grateful smiles, which grew upon noticing the nespresso machine for that just-landed pick-me-up, and the dreaded early wake up call.

As the cloak of dusk draped itself over the turrets and rooftops of the old town, we exited the hotel and walked up the hill towards the heart of the city. Beating to church bells, heels on cobblestones, glasses chinking, snatches of merry laughter, it carried us with it into the night. We felt a part of the Serbian weekend, at once united with the city and its welcoming inhabitants.

And when we returned to our room, the smile we had just a few hours earlier crept back onto our flushed faces, as we allowed the duvet to hug us to sleep. Somewhere in the middle of Belgrade, no-one knew who we were. But we knew we were in the right place.

Hotel Townhouse 27

Zosia Swidlicka


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