Review: Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto, Rome

Take me to the city of seven hills. We’ll feel its light breath tickle the backs of our necks, its soft touch getting under our skin.

Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto, Rome

Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto, Rome

As we’ll follow the winding cobbles into the unknown, we’ll exit onto Via Veneto, the theatre of Fellini and the playground of so many stars of a bygone era. Climbing its spine, we’ll reach the summit and stand at the edge of Villa Borghese, watching a string of red Fiat 500s disappear beyond the horizon. As the sun sets, we’ll walk slowly back down the hill, past perfect window displays and candlelit tables to the hotel. Surrounded by the paint smears and thumb prints of Picasso, Dali and Guttuso, we’ll leave our mark by theirs, adding to the contemporary heritage protruding from these walls.

In the morning we’ll wake to the rich aroma of italian coffee, and begin the day on the roof terrace. Soaking up the sun, we’ll point into the distance, standing between ancient ruins and modern love. Later, when I’ll be in the AQVA City Spa below, I’ll let my memories wash over me as I bathe in salt water, essential oils and a thousand bubbles.

Jumeirah Grand Hotel Via Veneto
Via Vittorio Veneto 155, Rome

Zosia Swidlicka


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