Maison Bohemique AW14/15 collection

Who: Maison Bohemique opens first pop-up store in London

What: They describe themselves as a ‘Russian demi couture label’

Style: Flamboyant, a little extravagant and feminine. Uncompromising in a confident way

Where: Mayfair’s Erarta Galleries

What can I see: Maison Bohemique’s AW14/15 collection

And another thing: Vibrant painterly collages by Pavel Brat form the backdrop.

Signature: Statement colours; Stark red, black, white and pink. Use of traditional hand embroidery with crystals, pearls and even metal coins as decorative accents.

We say: A sensual collection that is refined but not restrained. Extrovert and contemporary, yet accented by skilled embroidery, marrying old and new world aesthetics. The ‘less is more’ pieces score most points.

Prices: £700-£3,500

© images Kevin Moran

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