The Gastronomical! Guide to… Fabulous Food

The debut novel of sisters Claire Bosi (Hibiscus Restaurant) and Petrie Hosken (Broadcaster), ‘The Gastronomical! Guide to… Fabulous Food’ is a ‘Horrible Histories’ style cook book aimed at parents and children. With contributions from Michelin star chefs Claude BosiMarcus Wareing, Tom Kerridge and Shaun Hill, this is only the first instalment of a planned series of books under the ‘Gastronomical!’ brand name.Gastronomical!-Guide-to-Fabulous-Foods---Front-Cover_lo EL-Fabulous-Foods-book-4 EL-Fabulous-Foods-book-3 EL-Fabulous-Foods-book-2 EL-Fabulous-Foods-book-1

“Fabulous Food!” is the journey of two sisters who had an idea to write a food book that would appeal to children and parents. Much in the Horrible Histories vein, text is accompanied by colourful and playful illustrations and is packed with recipes (from Michelin star chefs) and information about farm to fork.

We already like the snippets of amazing ‘Did you know?’ facts like…

Carrots can actually help you see in the dark

Watermelons are actually vegetables

We traditionally planted patches of Thyme in our gardens to act as playgrounds for fairies

In Irish history, diseased potatoes were partly responsible for the deaths of over 1 million men, women and children

Why cutting raw onions makes you cry

1 out of 4 British potatoes will end up as chips

The Romans and The Greeks thought the cabbage had great healing power

The book also teaches children about the history of food and its provenance and we think is a great way of engaging kids with the often contentious subject of food. We also think it’s a prime candidate for the Xmas stocking!

Available from the 6th October 2014 on Amazon

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