Albero Nascosto, Trieste


It all started with a charming lady walking into an antique shop in Trieste one day, with the idea of embarking on a new adventure with its owner. The adventure was the restoration of a rundown historical building and the owner was Aldo Stock, now of the Albero Nascosto Hotel. Having accepted the charming lady’s offer in a second, he put his sharp expertise and keen eye to good use straight away in order to furnish the house after a colossal restoration effort.

Day after day, Aldo sifted through town like a hound dog looking for special objects, old furniture and precious details with which to furnish the newly restored building, and little by little every space took on its own identity. Today, the hotel remains one of the choice accommodation options for travellers.

Albero Nascosto  Albero Nascosto

Aldo’s touch is pertinent throughout the hotel: each space is tastefully decorated with minimal furnishings and quality pieces are speckled throughout. Every room is decorated with a work by a local painter, personally selected by Aldo, with visits to his atelier available on request, but close attention should be paid in particular to the Art Nouveau sofa and twin armchairs that adorn the lounge – Aldo’s favourite piece.

BoisdeViolette  Albero Nascosto

This very personal approach to furnishing a hotel is mirrored in the service, which thanks to the warm welcome makes it very easy to feel comfortable. The Albero Nascosto truly is a home from home; a very beautifully decorated one. An essential place to unwind and absorb the Austro-Hungarian character of the town and its network of Neo-Classical palaces for any traveller with an interest in antiques.

Zosia Swidlicka

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