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The Perfect Gentleman. The Pursuit of Timeless Elegance and Style in London.

Written by James Sherwood, with a foreword by Terence Stamp.


Navigating pivotal eras throughout fashion history, this opulent volume traces the gentleman’s journey in search of tailored perfection, the classic accessory or gift for a special one.

The book relates tales of personalities, retailers and craftsman who have been central to the glamorous world of luxury goods across the decades.

A structured chronology of six chapters is accompanied by a quartet of British luxury brand profiles. For the man who has it all, this book indexes the London gentleman’s social world, from the bespoke and individualism of the shopping arcade to signature hotels, private clubs and the selections of the connoisseur.

• Stunning illustrations celebrating the designers and brands that house the world’s most eternal and desirable objects

• Harnessing the huge global interest in bespoke design that has ignited a rebirth in British luxury goods and heritage

• Includes such classic brands as John Lobb, Penhaligon’s, James Smith & Sons and Garrard

• Profiles of historic brands detailing their timeless appeal and presenting a selection of contemporary British craftsmen and women

• Never before seen private archival material

• See also; James Sherwood’s coffee table volume, Savile Row


 Archive illustrations © James Sherwood. All Photos © Guy Webb


Price: £38.00



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Douglas Cordeaux, MD, Fox Brothers

Douglas Cordeaux, MD, Fox Brothers

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