Tel Aviv property: Meier on Rothschild

Has Tel Aviv finally arrived as a truly international city? Contrary to a lot of the television news on the state of Israel, Tel Aviv just gets on with it and has built a formidable reputation as the centre of what Dan Senor and Saul Singer call the ‘Start-Up Nation’.

'The White Building', Meier on Rothschild, Tel Aviv

‘The White Building’, Meier on Rothschild, Tel Aviv

It is a hub of bleeding edge technology, ideas and energy. That ‘can-do’ attitude is not only present in the abundance of thriving new companies but in the architecture and none more so than in a stunning building called Meier on Rothschild.

Yes, you may have guessed, developers have managed to go a step further and appoint world renowned architect and Prisker prize winner, Richard Meier. This is a statement of intent. This guy brought the world, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and the acclaimed Stadthaus in Ulm, Germany. His signature style is harnessing the colour white using light and space. His approach is Modernist. There’s an obvious nod to Le Corbusier, Lloyd Wright and Mies Van de Rohe, yet there’s a thoughtful beauty in his functionality.

An iconic building for Tel Aviv with stunning views out to sea

An iconic building for Tel Aviv with stunning views out to sea

On Meier on Rothschild everything seems to have a place and the layout makes the simplest and most rational jigsaw you can imagine. Light is welcomed in, space is generous and open and views to the sea are key.

Materials are thoughtfully considered with ‘low-E’ graded and UV light screened windows. This ensures crystal clarity with no harmful light and zero noise.

The location, Rothschild Boulevard is 10 minutes walk to the beach and 5 minutes to the National Theater, close to luxury shops and restaurants, galleries and entertainment. Its proximity to the financial centre of Israel only strengthens the claim that for many, it’s the best address in Tel Aviv today.So who are the buyers? Well of course the Jewish diaspora. People with an emotional connection to Israel, but the developers were also keen to point to Tel Aviv’s growing reputation as an international city with a real cosmopolitan feel. They believe this is a place for all nations. It reflects the modern face of Tel Aviv.

This could be a second home or a place to retire. It is significant to note that Richard Meier’s buildings have a great track record of holding their value.






The Building

42 Floors of residential apartments

360˚ Panoramic views over the city and Mediterranean sea

13 metre high lobby

6 levels of parking spaces and individual storage rooms

A wine cellar

Concierge services



Semi-Olympic Swimming Pool


10 penthouses. Only 3 remaining


3 rare, illuminated living spaces


The Palace in the Sky: 38-39th floors


Total duplex space 1,418 sqm

7 metre high ceilings

Indoor poolside and outdoor dining

Main kitchen, poolside kitchen, pantry

Private indoor swimming pool

Home theatre and personal bar

Fully equipped gym and spa

90sqm master bedroom suite

7 ensuite bedrooms

Private outdoor area

Private Elevator


Royal Penthouse: 40th Floor


Total space 728 sqm

The highest single floor

penthouse in Tel Aviv

360˚ views

Home cinema

Master Bedroom

Private deck with outdoor
dining area and swimming pool

3 ensuite bedrooms with

breathtaking views


The Rothschild Summit: 

41-42nd floors


Total duplex space 607 sqm

Clever planning and design
to maximise natural light

Separate floor with living area

Outdoor pool

Separate family area

with private outdoor

deck overlooking the sea

Private elevator

Master bedroom

Made bedroom

2 ensuite bedrooms


All enquiries: 

T 020 7722 9793

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